Why a Q&A session?

A Q&A session is the perfect tool to generate
audience engagement:

Truly connect with your audience.

Create more interaction and commitment.

Tailor your content to your attendees’ interests.

Live Q&A to connect

A live Q&A is a real-time online session. Attendees get to ask questions and the host of the event answers them on the spot. 

Advantages: direct contact, feeling of closeness, dynamic, immediate answers, greater interest from the target audience.

On-demand Q&A to impress

In an on-demand Q&A, you write the questions to be published and the host answers them in a more logical order, with some delay.

Advantages: full control over questions and answers, time to prepare and structure answers, more precise content conveyed, professional impression.


Benefits of Q&As for your outreach strategy

A Q&A session connects your organisation and your audience in a more personal, intimate way. It generates dynamic interaction and increases openness and commitment.


Draw people into your process, break down anonymity, correct doubts and misinformation, generate seriousness and value for your brand/organisation.


Give a feeling of exclusivity, make people feel part of your brand/organisation, build closer relationships, offer what attendees are looking for, show openness.

Relevance of content

By answering questions asked by the audience, you make sure to address their centres of interest.

Online presence

Create an online offer, use innovative and flexible digital tools, be visible via different channels, overcome distances and lack of time to meet physically.

How to run a successful Q&A session?

jobinar - advantages
Proper equipment

Fast internet connection, a recent computer, preferable a decent camera, a quality microphone and headset.

Set your aim

Explore a topic, recruit new colleagues, promote a new product/service, improve communication, educate and inform.


Anticipate possible questions, doubts, specificities of your audience and prepare answers tailored to the needs of your audience.


Use own channels, but also channels used by the target group, to have enough interactive participants or interested listeners.


Act on data

Collect data from your Q&A session, use it for your next steps, follow-up efficiently, extract the highest possible value from the interaction.