Slide Interactive video Q&As
to catch your target
Jobinar® is a unique Q&A-based platform packed
with features that make your interaction with your
prospects more valuable than through
any other solution on the market.


Create online video Q&As in a few clicks

With our easy templates, you create high-quality interactive mini-websites, in just a few steps, ready to broadcast and convince your audience.


Attract and engage your audience as no other platform

Captivate your target audience with online interactive Q&A sessions. Build your outreach around their needs and engage them actively.


Let the data make your job easier

With our unique engagement insights, you can focus on the most promising participants and content, both from the live session and the replay.


Smart content creation for busy people

Our smart replay automatically structures questions & answers in chapters, so that people can immediately find what they are looking for.


Explore applications

Lead conversion as never before. Give your leads the content they expect, build a stronger relationship and convert that lead into sales.
Attract your prospects
Convert leads into clients
Boost engagement
Talent acquisition & retention as never before. Deliver content that high potentials are looking for, to support recruitment and retention of talents.
Strengthen your employer branding
Get talents on board
Support mobility in your company
Student enrolment as never before. Tailor your information to students’ questions, make it easily accessible, engage with them and enrol them.
Present your institution
Showcase your courses
Enrol the best students


Create a hub to fuel each step of the audience journey

Create content for every step of your prospect journey. Tie it all together into an online platform and make it available anytime, for as many as you want. Your audience will love it!


Content-rich human interaction to trigger action

Your online Q&As are all the more successful because it is:

Authentic: human beings talking to human beings

Accessible & focused: the right content at the right time for the right people

Digestible: unique snackable format thanks to the handy video chaptering

To-the-point: relevant content answering people’s questions

Functional: the platform indicates whom to follow up with


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