Jobinar is a unique online Q&A platform,
packed with features to make interaction with your talents
more valuable than through any other solution on the market.


Smart content for continuous engagement

Busy people can easily find the information they are looking for via the smart replay function of automatically chaptered questions and answers.

All data you need to act & convert

Overview of questions

Get an overview of all key questions asked (published and rejected), together with who asked the questions and the number of questions asked per person.

Usage statistics

Get data on the number of unique visitors on your Q&A website, the number of registered people, the number of people watching live, how long they stay live and the number of people watching the replay.

Engagement index

Get a unique engagement index showing the attendees' engagement with your jobinar.

Continuous data gathering

The replay is available online for 12 months. So up to a year after your session, you receive new data about most relevant content for your target audience.


Everything else you need


Shareable URL

Once you create a jobinar, you can share the URL with your audience. Invite them to attend the session live or to watch the chaptered replay at a later moment.


Document upload

You can request attendees to upload a document (e.g. CV) when attending the Q&A session. No better way to optimise your selection and communication.



We can add subtitles to your videos so your audience can enjoy the content with the sound turned off or in other languages.



The attendees register and participate in full confidentiality.


Screen sharing

Share your screen with presentation to enrich your communication and to boost your audience engagement.



The website is natively multilingual and your jobinar can be broadcasted in any language.

Other functions

Email your audience – Access to their contacts details – Automatic reminders – ‘Add to calendar’ functionality – Share on social media – Continuous data gathering – Public/private setting – Library of questions & more.


Create a hub to fuel each step of the audience journey

Create content for every step of your prospect journey. Tie it all together into an online platform and make it available anytime, for as many as you want. Your audience will love it!


We got you covered

We are a people-to-people company. We don’t hide behind our platform. Our team is ready to help you to get most out of a jobinar for your specific purposes. Talk to us about:

  • Rich and engaging onboarding
  • Tutorials and training material
  • Tech support


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